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Big Brother Season 24 Spoiler: Who Won The HOH

Pivotal Win By Winning

In one of the most acute double evictions, followed Terrance out the door on Thursday’s “ 24.” And now it feels like it is no one’s game but yea, maybe except ’s. backed up his key Veto win by winning HOH, his second of the season.

Friendship Or Game

The comp was a search in the black that had to tap out of due to a panic attack, and Brittany was about to win, finishing just a couple of seconds behind Monte. Excellent for regrouping to do well in the comp since she was in a major meltdown mode before and after it; coterie Michael’s exploded insta-classic words blew up her game.

She kept reproving herself for putting friendship first because now this proved he didn’t feel the same way, and she didn’t know what to do now since she had lost her person in the home. She also said Michael “just didn’t understand that people were after him.”

Everything As Part Of Game

He actually knew. Anyone who gets nine comps in a season knows people are after them. Lucid for Brittany to be hurt since her game is effed now, but his speech was all game, nothing personal, and he was trying to save himself.

This is a shade of Taylor breaking down after discovering split about their possible top four with Michael and Brittany. They were both in about-to-win mode and would not have exposed anything about their closest allies if their “BB” lives weren’t on the line.

Is She An Easy Target

Monte and Turner are all about their friends, and Brittany is an easy target, but it’s about who Monte puts next to her. Suppose he does , as is the current plan. In that case, Taylor could get the Veto and save Brittany, making Turner the only feasible renom, and that’s when things can get hard because Brittany and Taylor would want to choose Turner.

Monte’s good option is to nominate Brittany and Taylor because Alyssa is less likely to use the Veto if she wins. But they should all consider keeping Brittany because her game is toast, and most of the jury, especially Indy, can’t stand her, so she’d be great to take to the final two.