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Big Brother host Julie Chen offered two cents on evicted housemates

In the 9th week of the of , viewers witnessed two evictions as and left the house without even bidding goodbye to fellow housemates. And , the host of Big Brother, has now opened up about the behaviour. 

The prolonged culture among housemates

Evicted housemates hug their fellow contestants, and others use to wish them before leaving the house permanently. But in the previous episode, evicted hugged Terrance Higgins as he moved out and did not hug others. 

Terrance Higgins was the only housemate who saved Daniel by voting for him, and Daniel was enraged about his previous eviction. 

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Evicted housemates

When Host Julie announced the 4-0 vote in the double eviction week, it was Terrance Higgins to leave the house first with his luggage saying, “Y’all know I gotta do a Daniel,” 

His housemates laughed, expressed affection for him, and respected his decision to go without giving them a goodbye. Everything appeared to be in good humour. However, Michael’s rage was evident later in the show when he was backdoored in the second eviction of the night. 

Before the vote, there was a lot of argument, and in his eviction speech, Michael had thrown his fellow housemates, including his close buddy Brittany under the bus. When there was a 3-0 vote, Michael said, “Everyone, please stay seated. I have one thing I would like to say,” and stormed out of the house.

Julie Chen Moonves shares her opinion

In an interview with EW, the host Julie said about not giving a hug and goodbye that those exist genuine and not fake like others. She wants angry housemates to leave the game rather than make fake plays. She explained, 

“It’s so much better than being a phony and hugging people who just voted to evict you and sometimes lied to you and stabbed you in the back. Keep it real!”

Housemates of Big Brother who ever evicted previously would maintain their dignity and understand that it is just a game. But she feels it is backstabbing and cheating others to win the $750,000 grand prize. 

Though the host has a point in it, showing the real feelings of the evicted Big Brother houseguest is such refreshing and calm embraces and goodbyes make it more respectful. But it is sad to see them when evicted housemates are hurt before the process. And Michael’s eviction would have been similar, reminding the housemates should always “expect the unexpected” in Big Brother.