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BFI’s top 10 distribution awards for the first half of 2022

A total of $6,35,808 was distributed to the 10 largest distribution fund recipients by the British Film Institute in the first half of 2022. It was Altitude Film Distribution that received the largest Audience Fund award of $1,64,758 for its Bradford-set film Ali & Ava, set to release on March 4. Box office figures provided by the BFI show that the movie earned 4,26,375 at the box office.

Mubi UK released Joachim Trier’s Norwegian drama The Worst Person In The World as the second most successful release. In terms of box office revenue, it received $1,28,893 as well as $12,93424. The next release was Todd Stephens’ Swan Song, which was distributed by Peccadillo Pictures. At the box office, $55,920 was granted to the LGBTQ+ comedy, which took in$38,375.

An investment of $48,733was given to Picturehouse Entertainment for Audrey Diwan’s abortion drama Happening. The Venice Golden Lion winner opened in cinemas on April 22, taking in $1,25,641.

Boiling Point, released by Vertigo Releasing in January, did the best in terms of funds granted based on box office takings. A $35,000 grant was granted to Stephen Graham’s restaurant drama, which went on to gross $518,559 at the box office.

Access and Diversity

Audience Fund’s key objectives include improving access to independent UK and international films and growing diversity in audiences. Furthermore, the program aims to develop 16-30-year-old audiences and enhance the sector’s confidence and capability. Two types of support are provided by the Fund for cinema releases.

The first is through Audience Fund Project Awards, which are awarded to distributors for their support of specific titles. A second method involves Audience Fund Organisation Awards in which a distributor secures an annual award to support several titles over the year. The BFI works with the distributor to determine which titles it will use the funding for and the amount

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