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Before Kate Middleton entered Prince William’s life, he had a ‘Cyber Relationship’ with Britney Spears

The Prince Of Wales withstood .

Britney Spears, the Pop Star, could have been the

Back in the day, in an Interview, Britney spoke to the host that she had a “” with Prince William.

During their teenage days, the couple communicated via email. The one time Britney invited the Prince for Dinner, he stood her up.

She said, “We exchanged emails for a little bit, and he was supposed to come and see me somewhere, but it didn’t work out.”

Frank asked, “You were blown out by Prince William?” Britney answered with a smirk, “Yes.”

In the 2000s, denied rumors of the Prince of Wales and The pop stars’ relationship.

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Britney was growing in her career as a pop star singer

She was in the UK for her tour. Britney was in a relationship with at that time. The pair, however, separated in 2002.

Prince William and Kate Middleton started dating in 2003. The Prince was slammed on social media for not showing Chivalry towards his wife, Princess Kate Middleton. Meanwhile, Prince Harry was praised for being attentive and treating his wife, Meghan Markle, with utmost Chivalry and respect.

As the two couples departed after attending, the crowd outside the Palace came to pay respect to Queen’s death. Prince Harry was escorting his wife, Meghan Markle, to the car. He was attentive enough to open the car door and close it when she sat. At the same time, the Prince and Princess of Wales entered the car separately.

Fans mocked the elder Prince on Twitter

A follower wrote, “Harry holds the car door open for his wife. Makes sure she’s safe. Wills does not. Case closed.”

The two Prince were compared to their Parents and their Late mother, .

The fans wrote that William is a lot like his father, King Charles, while Prince Harry is a like his Mother, Princess Diana.

 A user wrote that Harry is a gentleman. William, however, acts like his father.” Another person added, “Harry is a true king and son of Diana. (sic) Look how he cares (sic) for his wife.”

The Royal family has not responded to Prince William’s act of Chivalry.

Kate was Catherine Middleton before she met the Prince of Wales. They were both in the same university of St Andrews in Scotland in 2001. The two were friends for a while; eventually, the two became a couple.

Kate Middleton and the Prince of Wales were married in front of millions on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey.

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