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Beauty and the Beast: Animated Belle resembles Angelina Jolie

Beauty and the Beast: Animated Belle resembles Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's aesthetic is comparable to Belle from “,” years before she became a global superstar. When the 1991 Disney film premiered, Jolie appeared in Lenny Kravitz's music video for “Stand by My Woman,” and four years later, in the 1995 film “,” her big screen debut followed in 1995. As a voice actress, Paige O'Hara describes the original concept art for Belle in “Beauty in the Beast,” Jolie's appearance was the easiest point to compare with the original concept art.

O'Hara's comparison

During the interview with Insider folks, O'Hara said she looked very beautiful, like Angelina Jolie. I was unable to see how anyone could identify with that person. You would place her on a pedestal and change appearance of her, and it seemed a little too perfect. In comparison with “The ” princess Ariel from 1989, Disney animator explained that Belle had fuller lips, darker eyebrows, and smaller eyes due to a more European look. Years before Jolie made her Disney debut in “Maleficent,” the result was a Jolie-like figure.

The way of grabbing the viewer's attention

It was written in the book that the animators quickly adapted Belle's look to make viewers connect to her despite her initial concept art showing her as a glamorous woman. Aside from Aubrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Natalie Wood, the actress herself was an inspiration. Known for transforming people's views on Disney Princesses, O'Hara believes Belle is the first who does not seek out a man but wants to explore all the places she has read about in books.

In the most recent argument over Disney Princess appearances, racist accusations have surfaced over colorblind casting for Halle Bailey's role as Ariel in the live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid.” A young Black or brown boy or girl getting to represent them is special to me because I know that if I had that opportunity as a child, it would have transformed my view of the world.” Bailey explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

The spirit of a character matters most, according to , the original voice actress for “The Little Mermaid.” We need to be storytellers. Despite what we look like on the outside, whether we are black or white, no matter our nationality, no matter how we speak, no matter how tall we are, no matter how thin we are, or how red or how blonde our hair is, we all need to tell the story.

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