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Batgirl’s shelving is disappointing for a number of reasons

In the DC universe, is one of the most interesting characters. That’s why seeing her in her own feature film was so exciting. However, all of those hopes were quickly dashed. Warner Brothers announced the film was being shelved at the start of August. The film won’t be released in theaters or on Max.

The news is disappointing, but honestly, it’s more annoying for everyone involved. Post-production is essentially complete for the movie. Overall, the whole ordeal is leaving a bad taste in many fans’ mouths and honestly makes me scratch my head.

After SDCC 2022’s disappointing showing, this news doesn’t give us any hope for DCEU’s future. First of all, I am disappointed as someone who was looking forward to this film. It was scheduled to be released this year but was shelved.

In the event Warner Brothers decided to comment, everything would be okay, but so far we have not heard anything. As Batgirl was likely close to being released on HBO Max, this is more concerning. Our disappointment is likely nothing compared to how the cast and crew are feeling right now.

As a result, ’s work on Batgirl has essentially been thrown away. Hopefully, we’ll see something eventually, but it must undoubtedly hurt for her. Moreover, was poised to have a huge role in this film.

Obviously, we were all eager to see how he embodied his role and to see him again on the big screen.  It looks like we’ll either have to rewatch Doom Patrol or wait for The Whale to see him. No matter how you look at it, it’s annoying since I’d really like to see how he portrays Firefly.

In addition to Leslie Grace as Batgirl, and Brendan Fraser as Firefly, Michael Keaton was scheduled to return as . There is something so upsetting and stupid about this news, as this cast and we as fans deserve better. If those three were at the helm, there was no way this movie could disappoint, and even if it did, we’ll never know.


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