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Batgirl’s never-released films will join 3D mermaids, CobraGator, and Louis CK in Hollywood’s vault of shame

It was hard to look upon the upcoming Batgirl movie with anything other than a wearied sigh until this week. By all accounts, the movie, starring Leslie Grace and directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, was another attempt by Warner Bros. to expand the DCEU without a coherent plan. In other words, it was doomed to be quickly forgotten.

However, not this quickly. Warner Bros Discovery revealed this week that Batgirl would never be seen. You won’t find it in cinemas, on streaming services, or anywhere else. This isn’t due to the fact that it was scrapped during development. It’s done.

The film was shot over four months in Glasgow at the beginning of the year. The budget was $1.14 million. However, according to insiders, the whole thing is so terrible that the studio would rather keep it locked up than allow anyone to see it. So it must really stink coming from a studio that just released DC League of Superpets.

Batgirl might not end here, of course. It’ll only take a handful of frothing fanboys and their supporting bot army to get Warner Bros to release the Batgirl cut if the last few years are any indication. But if this is the end – if Batgirl is really destined to be locked away for eternity – then at least it finds itself in good company.

Other notorious movies that never made it to the big screen are listed here. As one of the most notorious examples of films left unseen, The Day the Clown Cried was Jerry Lewis’s attempt to fuse a clown movie with a Holocaust film.

Despite the film’s almost unrelenting bleakness – Lewis’s clown leads a young Jewish girl into a gas chamber at the end – it ran into a number of production problems. After Lewis spent $2m of his own money on the project, a scriptwriter declared it a “disaster” and blocked the release.

As Lewis himself told Entertainment Weekly in 2013, “No one will ever see it, because I’m embarrassed by the poor work.”. Sadly, Jerry Lewis passed away in 2017 before the film could be released.

Following the collapse of the previously announced project I’m a Cop, Louis CK wrote, directed, and financed the whole thing in secret. In September, the film premiered at the Toronto international film festival, and it was scheduled for release in November.

After the New York Times published a damaging report about CK’s sexual misconduct with women, the release was canceled. The film’s plot, about an aging director seducing a 17-year-old girl, aggravated the problem. Although the film has not yet been officially released, you can still find a copy online. According to all accounts, it’s not very good.

Now this one really intrigues me. The Syfy movie CobraGator, directed by Jim Wynorski for Roger Corman, is about a mad scientist who merges the DNA of a king cobra and an alligator, only to watch as the resulting creature goes on a murderous rampage. Michael Madsen played the lead in the film, which was shot in two weeks in 2014.

Although a trailer was released, the film itself never made it to television. It is difficult to speculate as to why this happened, although perhaps it didn’t live up to other Syfy work like 5-Headed Shark Attack. Even so, CobraGator left us with a beautiful poster.

It sounds like the best film of 2011 is a $1.64m underwater 3D fantasy starring Olga Kurylenko as the queen of the mermaids. That’s when Empires of the Deep was supposed to be released. A billionaire businessman’s brainchild, Jon Jiang enlisted James Cameron collaborator Randall Frakes to develop the story and 10 other screenwriters to write it.

As a Chinese-American co-production, the film quickly encountered cultural and communication difficulties. There was a complaint about late payments from the crew. She walked off set after complaining about unsafe working conditions; producers withheld her passport as retaliation.

Despite being a terrible film, Empires of the Deep failed to find distribution in 2014, and a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 did not help it find distribution. Finally, a happy ending. Blackbird is a spy thriller that Michael Flatley wrote, directed, financed, and starred in. Yes, that Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley.

Other than Flatley wearing a fedora and gazing into the middle distance, little was known about the film. After screening at London’s Raindance film festival in September 2018, it received no reviews or Twitter reactions and promptly vanished from view despite Flatley’s claims that Blackbird 2 was in pre-production.

However, miracles do happen. Flatley announced last month that Blackbird would be released in Irish cinemas in September. On 2 September, the Bristol Bad Film Club will also present the film on an Imax screen. Batgirl might be able to do the same one day if the stars align.


Source: the guardian

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