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‘Batgirl’ Star Leslie Grace Thanks Fans, ‘Incredible Cast and Tireless Crew’ After DC Movie Unexpectedly Scrapped

As a result of the abrupt and unexpected cancellation of HBO Max’s movie, has expressed her gratitude and pride in what she and the “incredible cast and tireless crew” accomplished.“Querida Familia! In an Instagram post, the 27-year-old Dominican American star shared behind-the-scenes pictures and videos.

Following the recent news about ‘Batgirl,’ I am proud of the hard work, commitment, and dedication our incredible cast and crew put into making this film over 7 months in Scotland.” It was an absolute pleasure to work with such incredible individuals and form relationships that will last a lifetime!

My dear Batgirl fans, thank you for your love and belief, which has allowed me to don the cape and become, as Babs put it best, ‘my damn hero!’ Batgirl for life! She also posted an IG Story from Batgirl: Year One with the following Barbara Gordon narration: “I must find another path.”. My destiny lies within me. One uniquely mine. Not a page from someone else’s book.

Not a fate that begins and ends on page one.” Grace re-shared a “Shake It Off”-soundtracked clip on Wednesday, merely writing “vibes.”According to reports, Warner Bros. It was announced that Discovery would cancel the already-filmed $90 million Batman film, which featured Michael Keaton, 70, in his first Batman role in 30 years.

Deadline’s Justin Kroll reported “a rival studio executive” was stunned by the move, admitting they’d worked in this town for three decades and it was “some unprecedented shit.” WB CEO reportedly believed Batgirl “simply didn’t work.”

According to and , the co-directors are in disbelief, saddened, and shocked, praising “the great Leslie Grace” for imbuing Gordon/Batgirl with “so much passion, dedication, and humanity.”

Directors should show their work to audiences, and even though the film was still far from completion, they wished fans around the globe could have seen and enjoyed the final product. It was a great pleasure to work with such an amazing cast and crew on the movie, and they worked so hard to make Batgirl come to life.

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Whatever the case, being huge Batman fans since we were children, being part of the DCEU was a true honor and privilege. The Batgirl is for life.”HBO Max has quietly discontinued at least six original films, including Superintelligence starring Melissa McCarthy, The Witches starring Anne Hathaway, and An American Pickle by Seth Rogen.

It was reported in The Wrap that 70 percent of Max’s development team would soon be laid off, and Variety reported that Warner Bros. A tax write-down was likely an important factor in shutting down Batgirl since Discovery will “almost certainly take a write-down.”.

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