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At Westminster Hall, a man was detained after rushing the coffin of Queen Elizabeth

: Queen Elizabeth's lying-in-state

According to sources, a man who appeared to rush the casket of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall is now in detention. ITV and The Guardian report that as the man allegedly went toward Her Majesty, who is lying in state in the London building until her services get underway early on Monday, security guards swarmed the suspect.

Following the incident, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “Around 22:00hrs on Friday, September 16, officers from the Met's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command apprehended a man in Westminster Hall following a disturbance,” according to the media.

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Under Custody

 He was detained for a violation of the , according to the Met Police. His identity was kept a secret. A source claimed to the Guardian that the man skipped the line and ascended the steps to touch the coffin before being ; neither the Met nor the House of Commons refuted the claim. According to The Sun, the live stream from the venue abruptly ceased for about 15 minutes following the incident. Witnesses told The Sun that what occurred stunned them.


 One person claimed the man attempted to remove the flag from the Queen's coffin and described the incident as “very disturbing.”They claimed, “We believed someone had passed out, and then we heard someone scream.” “A person approached the coffin, , and pulled it up. They almost saw what was underneath by picking up the bottom and waving it about. It took place so quickly.”

Queen's Children Guarding Her Coffin

Aside from the interruption, the four children of the late monarch experienced a historic moment. King , , , and gathered at their mother's grave on Friday evening for an emotional Vigil of the Princes. The siblings ceremoniously guarded the Queen's coffin as it was laid in state, covered with the Royal Standard, and topped with the Imperial Crown shortly after 7:30 p.m. local time. They lowered their heads after assuming their positions: at one end, Prince Andrew at the other, and Princess Anne and Prince Edward on either side. Throughout the vigil, mourners who had waited in line for hours to see the Queen's casket continued to pass by.

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