HomeRoyal Family NewsAt Buckingham Palace, King Charles III awaits the casket of Queen Elizabeth II

At Buckingham Palace, King Charles III awaits the casket of Queen Elizabeth II

The casket of arrived at with and on Tuesday evening in London. Only after the queen’s casket had made its trip from the Ruislip air station to the palace did the of Sussex arrive at the palace. 

Before arriving at the palace, Londoners lined the streets to see the queen’s casket. In anticipation of the Jaguar hearse of the queen, members of the King’s Guard stood outside with their heads bowed. Harry wore a white button-down shirt and a suit and tie combination. 

While walking behind his father, he seemed to hold Meghan’s hand and stayed close to her side. Markle and , their firstborn son, stepped back from royal duties in 2020 s a result of racist remarks and alarming accusations.

The loss that happened is huge

Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on Thursday. The casket will rest in Westminster Hall during the overnight period before it is moved to lie in state. Her reign ranked second worldwide and was the longest in British history.

Her Majesty’s funeral is expected to attract thousands of mourners on Monday. In the wake of the passing of Harry’s grandmother, Meghan and Harry visited with mourners outside on Saturday. His younger brother, , and his wife, , joined him. 

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The prince gave the tribute

The throne was ascended by Charles, along with Camilla Parker Bowles becoming Queen Consort. At the same time, William and Kate, the parents of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, were the Princes and Princess of Wales. His Majesty passed away Monday after using a tribute written by the prince to reflect how widely respected and admired she was. 

Their jobs could be at risk soon

It is reported that III and the Queen Consort have given Clarence House staff members notice that they may lose their jobs shortly. People have been working late every night since Thursday to meet this news. According to the outlet, everyone, including the senior team and private secretaries, is beyond outraged. 

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