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Assets of Queen Elizabeth worth $28 billion and the list of properties

owns many palaces, several sparkling diamond crowns, a pure gold piano, and a monastery. The Queen claims the owner belongs to The Crown at the right time to reveal. The Crown of British controls nearly $28 billion in assets through the Crown Company. The count of assets where the estimated value of Kensington Palace is $630 million, Buckingham Palace $4.9 billion, the Duchy of Cornwall is $1.3 billion and the Duchy of Lancaster 748 million dollars, and the Crown Estate in Scotland is $592 million. The total value of the Crown property is about $19.5 billion.

Ownership of the property

The British royal family does not hold all this money; some of the money is owned by the . Property ownership belongs to the reigning monarch; neither the king nor the government is the legal owner of the Crown property. In 2020, the crown generated £475m of profits, with the royal family receiving 25% and the British Treasury getting 75%.

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Works of art

The Queen mother bestowed an inheritance valued at £70 million to Queen Elizabeth, including some important works of art. The Queen transfers the most important items her mother left to the Royal collection. The Queen’s husband, the late , left the property worth around £10m to his wife. The Queen would help her hide their private wealth, and she would not embarrass herself in front of the public.