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Ashton Kutcher reveals he lost 12 kg. His wife, Mila Kunis, has been only proud

Ashton is getting ready for , TCS New York, on November 6. In an interview, he revealed he has been building up muscles as he is getting ready for the 26.2-mile Marathon. He even praised his wife, saying, “His Wife Mila has been super supportive.”

He has had the biggest transformation, building muscles from his upper body to his lower body. He is proud of himself as he lost 12kgs, and his wife has been supportive throughout his journey. He says he wants to be healthy for his family and his children.


He said it all came down to living better, as life is meant for the good. Kutcher wants to raise awareness for Thorn Technology which he co-founded with .

The child trafficking sex trade was disturbing, and when Kutcher and Moore learned about it, they had to do something and came up with the foundation.  It is a tech-based set up to protect the kids in defending and protecting against this trade.

Thorn for the rescue

Kutcher said that the organization is celebrating ten years strong, and this Marathon is a way to elevate the foundation’s progress.

His team at the foundation is working hard, and he appreciates the work and for which. He worked on his body and prepared himself to run miles.

The last three years were difficult for him physically, and he has been taking charge of his body.

Kutcher was plagued with a very rare episode of auto-immune disease, Vasculitis

He is grateful for his recovery and excited to run the Marathon with his team Thorn.

The actor told an interview at one of his miles runs that he was bleeding from his nipples. He said the legs were fine, but the nipples were on fire. Now he is good and excited for the run.