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Asher Monroe, who is engaged to Diana Jenkin, seems to like negative tweets about her

and Diana Jenkins

Asher Monroe, who is engaged to Diana Jenkins, raised eyebrows on Friday when he “liked” tweets that were bad about his partner.

A fan account called @MadBeefs took screenshots of the tweets Monroe, 33, is said to have liked, including one that said, “Diana Jenkins is a horrible person inside and out, and the only reason Asher was even on the show was to promote himself… She probably even paid for it!” Another negative tweet said, “Giving money to charity is nice, but it doesn't make you a good person.” This may have been a reference to the recent $100,000 donation the “” star made to the victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 crash. One part of a third tweet that Monroe seemed to like said, “Diana is boring.” a few channels an exclusive quote from a source who says the singer-songwriter is not to blame for liking negative comments about his partner.

Monroe and Jenkins, 49, are “madly in love”

We've heard that Monroe has a London-based social media manager who “randomly” likes posts for him. However, it's not clear why this employee would like negative comments about his boss's loved one. No one knows if the social media manager was fired or given a warning for their bad behavior.

But the insider says that Monroe and Jenkins, 49, are “madly in love” and that there is “absolutely no trouble in paradise.” The two people haven't said anything directly about the rumors about their relationship. But on Thursday night, the Bosnian-born philanthropist posted videos on her Instagram Stories that seem to show that she and her fiancé are getting along.

1-year-old daughter

In the clips, the couple can be seen telling their 1-year-old daughter Eliyanah a story at night. Jenkins also put a picture of herself and Monroe swinging together in a hammock on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Love from paradise. LOL so stupid.”

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Monroe's account

After he was called out earlier Friday, Monroe's Twitter account “unliked” all the negative comments. The musician and reality star is now engaged and is expecting their first child in 2020. Jenkins was married to the British businessman from 1999 to 2011, and the two of them have two grown children together.