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As Kelly Ripa, 51, was going through menopause, she thought she was pregnant

The pandemic induced and to assume they had conceived their fourth child while sharing sons , 25, and , 19, plus daughter , 21. She explained to Haute Living about her upcoming book, “,” and she would bring up that point throughout the pandemic when she believed her husband gave her a baby.

When I began taking daily exams for being pregnant, Mark gingerly mentioned, ‘Maybe there is another reason why you aren’t getting your length?’ and I responded, ‘What might be the other reason?’ He had to walk on eggshells, at this moment informing me I was likely experiencing .”

Talking about the relationship

It was relieving for Ripa to be able to “tell my children they were about to become the guardians of a new sibling without having to explain everything to them.”

Ripa and Consuelos, both 51, continuously gush about their extramarital affairs, so a brand-new sibling isn’t all that surprising. As part of the upcoming release of her upcoming book, “Are you living with Kelly and Ryan,” Kelly has also revealed that she passed out while kissing her husband of 26 years.

While she and the “” megastar were chatting early in the morning in 1997, Ripa recalled the incident while she was six months pregnant with her first child. Throughout the procedure, two enormous cysts formed on her ovaries, which caused her to lose consciousness.

Ripa was rushed to the sanatorium immediately through Consuelos, obviously frightened, but not before dressing her in any clothing he could come across.

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Ideal stylish outfit

Later, she discovered that he had dressed her in a in the style of the Eighties, pink Manolo Blahnik stilettos with pink lace-ups, and Consuelos’ old sweatpants. My husband, who is always stylish and well-dressed, has dressed me like a dime store prostitute in my time of need,” she famously noted, poking fun at the situation.

However, it remains astonishing to me that that is the ideal gown for the day that he may just be able to find for me at the moment, to the point that I believed I was dreaming, having a nightmare when I was standing on the stretcher,” she explained. “I did not realize I had become aware of being awake.”

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