HomeMovie NewsAs a result of a viral advertisement, Nicole Kidman has renewed her contract with AMC

As a result of a viral advertisement, Nicole Kidman has renewed her contract with AMC

The lights will be turned off as greets movie-goers for the second year in a row. ” star signed on to extend her commercial contract with Theatres after a smashing success with her last campaign.

As the 55-year-old waltzes through an empty theater in her viral ad, she stares at the camera and reminds viewers of the magic of going to the movies. A magical place is what we come here for,” the Oscar-winning actor explains to the camera.

AMC executives and film fans were clearly impressed with Kidman’s on-screen montage since she has been announced as its spokesperson for another year. Kidman’s performance was lauded by AMC CEO on Thursday during the company’s earnings call.

In AMC’s now iconic and revered advertising campaign, Nicole Kidman tells us that Hollywood has great stories to tell, so film fans are eager to experience those dazzling images on AMC’s huge solo screens.

The Australian actress also participated off-screen in the ad’s creative process and shared her thoughts on audience response. It isn’t clear to me why it worked or why it has gone viral,” Kidman reportedly said. I can tell you that the reaction is directly related to the number of people who went back to the theater to watch the films. It’s exciting to hear that.”

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If you see a new blockbuster in the near future, you are likely to see Kidman appear in another scene. It feels good to suffer heartbreak in this place, as the star of “The Undoing” says in the ad.

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