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Are you familiar with the hidden meanings of the movie Nope

It is no surprise that Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope, has created much buzz among fans, just like his previous work. On the surface, nope is another sci-fi horror movie like Signs or Alien. It revolves around siblings OJ and Em, who begin experiencing strange phenomena on their father’s ranch, including a UFO sighting.

In addition to the deeper themes and social commentary, there are subtly interwoven elements throughout the story. Fans who speculate about hidden meanings have discussed the movie on Reddit.

The death of Otis Senior

Throughout Nope, there are various Easter Eggs, one of which is that Otis Senior is killed by a coin, which allows Em to capture a shot of Jean Jacket at the end of the film. In addition to that, there is some symbolic meaning behind his death. Otis Senior has made his living as a horse trainer and profits from it. It is likely the coin wouldn’t have killed him if he hadn’t looked straight into the sky. His death symbolizes how he was trying to gain wealth from the horses and the ending.

Jupe’s Show and Mary Jo’s Presence

Jupe utilizes his experiences with Gordy for profit, even more surprisingly, despite his obvious trauma. Despite being brutally attacked by her previous fame, Mary-Jo is still willing to make a public appearance even though she should be opposing everything the Star Lasso show represents. Despite her apparent intoxication by her former fame, Mary-Jo still seems to be holding on to who she once was. Her clinging to a past that was so traumatic is a sign that she cannot move forward.

Taking Care of Animals

Nope is a powerful story about the treatment humans give animals. There are obvious parallels between OJ and Jupe regarding how they treat animals and how this relates to their fates. As Jupe failed to learn from his previous experience with Gordy and wished to exploit Jean Jacket, too, he sealed his death as he believed there was some intrinsic connection between the two. He wins because he believes there is some intrinsic emotional connection. As a character with a deep respect for animals, OJ survives Jean Jacket’s attack thanks to his understanding of how animals work.

The Character of Jupe

Jupe naively believes he can control Jean Jacket, despite not learning to respect animals after Gordy’s attack. The performance of Steven Yeun as Jupe in a Jordan Peele film is one of the best in the genre, depicting a man desperate to exploit his troubled past as a way to profit from it. He doesn’t see himself as lucky but instead develops a superiority complex due to the experience. Jean Jacket and many other innocent people died due to Jupe’s greed and lack of self-awareness.

A shoe that levitates

Jupe’s focus during Gordy’s attack on the levitating shoe is one of the strange and unexplained moments in the movie. Eventually, OJ realizes he can survive if he doesn’t look Jean Jacket in the eye. Jupe is not looking directly at Gordy because he focuses on the shoe. There is a chance that the older Jupe misremembered what happened since the shoe is now on display in his ‘museum,’ or it could be how he kept himself distracted while seeing it.