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Are they separated? Here is a new update from 90-Day Fiancé about Michael and Angela

and aired 90 Day Fiancé and told their love story through The Other Way franchise. She moved from America to Nigeria to be with him and married him there. She has been in a long-distance relationship with him since moving back to the US after the COVID-19 pandemic. The upcoming Happily Ever After promo depicts them returning to Nigeria to be with their husband. Unfortunately, Michael terminated their relationship.

A final goodbye from Michael to Angela

Angela and Michael were an odd couple when they first started on 90 Day Fiance. While viewers disapprove of the Nigerian man’s arrogant and dominant nature, they pity him for his humility and submissiveness. As the 90 Day, Fiance promo indicates, something major is about to happen in the upcoming Happily Ever After Season 7 episode. According to the brand new 90-Day Fiance promo, viewers will finally see a new side to Michael Ilesanmi. The long-distance relationship appears to have been over for Angela now that she has returned home to Nigeria to be with her man.

Cheated Michael

Angela has been controversial among viewers ever since she joined 90 Day Fiance. They thought she was problematic because of her flirty personality, which was problematic since she was already married to Michael.

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Many people have speculated that Angela had an affair with Dr. Obeng. However, no confirmation has been made on this matter. The new Happily Ever After revealed Angela had a new love affair. They were smiling ear-to-ear as they conversed through video call.

Unrevealed truth in the relationship

Aside from Angela talking about giving Michael “five years of loyalty,” Deem’s mystery man called her “angel,” so viewers realized that they weren’t just friends. When the American woman offered to fly to Canada to meet this man, the clip ended on an alarming note. In other words, her relationship with Michael is slipping apart, and everyone wants to watch it happen.