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Antoni Porowski’s Martha Stewart birthday post cracks Instagram up

The friendship between and “” star falls on the more unexpected side of the spectrum even though celebrities know each other to some degree. In 2019, they embarked on an feud that resulted in their current friendship.

The queen of all things hosting was not pleased that Porowski failed to tag her in some photos he posted from Stewart’s famous Christmas party. Similar to many boomers on Instagram, Queen Martha began her comment with a salutation: “Dear Antoni: This is @marthastewart48,” she wrote.

The picture of my stable and those of Han and Qin, as well as bete noir and creme brulee did not include me,” she pointed out. Considering your popularity and you being my Christmas cookies, we’re bummed about that. The “Queer Eye” gourmand jokingly fired back with a photo of him standing in the hostess with the hostess’s yard and captioned it.

“patiently keeping my hands warm by her fire pit On “Martha Knows Best,” Porowski apologized for not tagging Stewart or sending her a thank you note after her Christmas party, which Stewart took to heart. It still appears the feud hasn’t been resolved, as Porowski still mentions it on Stewart’s post.

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