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Anna Kendrick shares details from her Pitch Perfect Group conversation

gives some closure on the group text of Pitch Perfect cast members. It is a vile but appealing conversation at the same time.

The group chats of Pitch Perfect are still on

Anna has been in the franchise’s three movies, and it has been ten years since the movie was in Theatres. The cast members are still in touch through their group chat. Anna said, 

“We are texting each other going like, ‘Oh my gosh, you guys it’s almost been 10 years and remember this night?'” “And like sending pictures from filming the first riff off in that empty pool and we’re freezing cold. So it’s very, it’s almost disgustingly adorable.”

The star cast of Pitch Perfect has , , , and . It was released in 2012, 2015, and 2017 respectively. The movie cast grew close and strong together during the whole ten years. A bond closer than blood.

Anna said, “I think, like, by the third movie, it really did feel like these girls are family-like in the way that you don’t even choose your family. I’m so grateful to have those relationships and to have this weird, accidental family.”

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Anna is now for her role in Darking

The days of Beca are gone in her Past. Anna comes as Alice Davis in the new thriller . Darling is a thriller that premiered on Sept 11 at the gala presentation of Hall at the .

The character of Alice hits a stage in her life and gains a new perception to get out of a bad relationship. Anna has not worked in a thriller movie. After all, a different project has come her way to Mark her full potential.

She said, “I had seen a couple of films, The Assistant and this movie Swallow, and I was very interested in how restrained you can be on paper,” she said. “This was a great opportunity for me, and I think for everybody to participate in this exercise in restraint and trust that what we put on screen was kind of enough evidence to be a story.” Darling will come to theatres in 2023.

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