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Anna Delvey’s Enemy Is Filing a Defamation Claim Against Netflix

Germany’s official 

Anna Sorokin/Anna Delvey, Germany’s official ambassador in New York, is back in the news, but at this moment she isn’t the one in distress. Rachel DeLoache Williams, a former Vanity Fair photo editor, sued Netflix on Monday, August 29, for a false and misleading portrayal of her in Inventing Anna. 

In 2018

Williams wrote an article about her time with Sorokin in 2018, and the sequence got the details of their companionship wrong: “Williams did not stop being pals with Sorokin even though Sorokin was experiencing trouble in Morocco, but rather because she discovered later on her come back to New York that Sorokin was a liar and a con artist,” says Williams’ litigator in Delaware state court, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to finding Inventing Anna

In addition to having Conjuring up Anna inaccurate to her life experiences, Williams believes the show’s portrayal of her was legally defamatory. Her case contends that “for artistic reasons, Netflix made the conscious decision to release Williams doing or saying stuff in the Series that portray her as a money hungry, snobbish, disloyal, deceitful, cowardly, deceitful, and adaptive person.”

Said to Williams’s attorney

If Netflix had used a fictitious name and different specifics, she could have avoided the incredible damage to her reputation. Why didn’t they do it for her as they did for so many other characters in the show? Possibly she opted to play for the opposing team, HBO.” Yes, according to the lawsuit, Netflix may have treated Williams unfairly inside the series even though she decided to sell her story rights to a rival company.

Said by Vulture

Katie Lowes, who tries to play Williams in the show, told Vulture that Williams is “young, naive, and had a privileged life.” I don’t believe this is entirely true of Rachel Williams in real life; I think it is of a personality Shonda created and what Shonda required of the character for the show.” She as well stated that she had never met Williams in person. Sorokin’s courtroom art is about to get some new inspiration.