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An important star has lost his place on Superman And Lois ahead of Season 3

The show ended Season 2 on an exciting cliffhanger for fans, and while the future seemed bright after some key reveals about its universe, the show just received some disappointing news ahead of Season 3. CW series The CW has lost a major actor, as Jordan Elsass will not play Jonathan Kent anymore. 

Jordan Elsass played Clark Kent’s athletic but powerless son on the show, but Variety reports that’s no longer the case. In a statement, Warner Bros. said Elsass informed the studio that he would not return for “personal reasons,” and that Jonathan Kent will now be played by a new actor. 

Currently, there are no specifics on why Jordan Elsass left Superman & Lois, although it has been reported that his decision is not related to work. Production on Season 3 was expected to begin soon, but Elsass has not yet appeared on location.

Jonathan experimented with drugs that gave him meta abilities in Season 2 and suffered the consequences. As the season progressed, Jonathan realized the error of his ways and expressed interest in the new Fortress of Solitude’s technology. Jordan Elsass will not be involved in Season 3 of Superman & Lois.

Jordan Elsass’ departure is unknown at this time, but if production was slated to begin soon, it might have an impact on the release of Superman & Lois Season 3. As a result, the CW series will need to find a new actor to play Jonathan Kent or find a way to write around his absence. 

The latter seems impossible given he’s with the family traveling to the new Fortress of Solitude at the end of Season 2. CW superhero series have had to write around actors’ sudden exits before, so no doubt plans are already in place.

The answer to what’s going on with Jordan Elsass isn’t immediately obvious from his social media. On Instagram, Elsass last posted about the series in mid-June when he posted a photo with a fan. Besides promoting an interview he did with a friend in June, Elsass hasn’t spoken about the series publicly.

Both cases seem to indicate Superman & Lois’ run is over, but what’s next for him is unclear. A new season of Superman & Lois is confirmed, and according to The CW’s fall schedule, it’ll premiere in 2023. As fans wait for the new season and more details on Jordan Elsass’ exit, there are plenty of new shows to enjoy. 

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