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An awkward sex scene with a much older co-star was a fright for the ‘House of the Dragon’ teen star

The actress who plays in says she was reluctant to film cringe-inducing sex scenes. Carey’s character appears in two intimate scenes with her much older husband, King Viserys, played by , in Sunday night’s episode, “.”

She bathes him in the tub and then lies motionless in bed during sex, appearing reluctant and disengaged beneath him. She initially felt “frightened” about performing the scenes with Considine, then 47, when she read the script at 17 and was 18 at the time of filming.

Explaining the script to the artists

As Carey told the outlet, we have an excellent intimacy coordinator. I read the first scene from the show as a 17-year-old. This included both my sex and intimacy scenes, including when I was bathing the king.

It was great that all scenes that felt intimate were considered intimate scenes. ’ well-being is considered when choreographing simulated sex scenes under the guidance of intimacy coordinators.

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At that moment, however, I was concerned because I had not yet met Paddy, and I was unaware of his joy, and how easy he would make the scene, so I was just worried about a 47-year-old man with me.

It’s great that we have that outlet of the intimacy coordinator, so we can talk through everything without being shunned, awkward, or feeling like, oh, this isn’t your thing. It wasn’t anything like that, and it was just an open dialogue; I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Teen star’s hesitation

He concludes the experience was simpler than he anticipated. Before her casting, Carey had not watched Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon’s predecessor, and was caught off guard by the themes it contained. This was an amazing experience. As a young girl, I felt empowered to be on that set with these very established men and receive the same treatment. It was fantastic.

As soon as and begin hooking up, Daemon suddenly turns off Rhaenyra and turns her away. (Fabien Frankel) stands guard in Rhaenyra’s room when Daemon rejects her. After taking him inside, she seduces him, and the two have sex, losing her virginity for the first time. Kilner consciously shot each scene from the perspective of the female characters in the episode.

The director said in ’s Inside the Episode featurette that directing scenes like that is a big responsibility, so it’s crucial to shoot them from a good perspective. Since I am a female director, I have watched male directors direct sex scenes, and since I am a woman, I have to think about how to shoot it since my go-to images tend to be from a man’s point of view, not a woman’s.”

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