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Amy Halterman, a cheater | Look what she did during her weight loss journey

Both and her sister have undergone major body changes. The Slatons were overeating heavily, which led to their body’s decline. Season 1 of showcased their struggles. But eventually, Amy lost much weight and had bariatric surgery without .

But that doesn’t mean the reality star learned any lessons. The personality seems to be ditching healthy food and munching junk food. What have fans noticed this time? Keep an eye on us to find out. Tune in with us to find out.  

Is Amy unconcerned with her

The TLC audience has always criticized their health inconsistency. Amy and Tammy didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle before they started doing the show. However, the sisters had doctors helping them along the way. The reality star transformed herself and lost many pounds. When she was eligible for weight loss surgery, Amy Halterman wanted a family as soon as possible.

Amy, however, ignored her doctor’s advice and became pregnant with two babies in the same year. Although the pregnancy went smoothly, it surely strained Amy’s body. Fans wished Amy would take care of herself after having two kids. 

However, it doesn’t appear to be the case.  A Reddit user recently discussed Amy’s whereabouts, according to TVshowace. According to the Reddit user, they saw Amy and her family at “Moonlight BBQ.” According to the OP, Mrs. Halterman was with her children and had a lot on her plate. Fans are aware that the sister is addicted to food, and many people believe that her mother is not taking care of herself.

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As a result, it may be possible that the 1000 Lb Sisters star is slipping back into her weight loss goals. As a result, the audience speculates that Amy could be consuming more junk than she should. They were shocked that Amy didn’t leave any tips for viewers.  

Will Amy’s Second Son Appear in the New Season  

While Amy’s fans have always supported her weight loss journey, they are concerned when she doesn’t care for herself. Amy has two children, and many hopes she takes care of herself because she wants her children not to experience what she did.

Meanwhile, many viewers wonder if Amy’s second son will be on television. The reality show’s hasn’t made the news yet. However, Amy’s half-brother, , confirms that the new season will air. Because Amy admitted in the third installment that she could not provide much time for her son, Gage, the audience wants to know if Amy’s second son would be included.

As a result, the mother was busy filming. Hence, she made it clear if TLC didn’t cut her hours, she wouldn’t be on the show. Fans are eager to see Amy and her motherhood, but they want her to appear on 1000 Lb Sisters next season. Also, Amy has two children to look after. Therefore, she may be unable to continue filming. What do you think? Leave us a comment below. For more information on reality TV, check out TV Seasons & Spoilers visit moviethop.com

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