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American leaders in-charge of undercover sources

Under-cover agents working for the nation’s security

More than 100,000 selfless agents, consultants, and nationals are working hard to back the for the nation’s security information needs.

Many people live clandestinely, leading dual lives by lying to their loved ones about who they are and what they do and living on the cliff’s edge because of the possibility of being found. Surrendering their entire life to the ’s security needs something that not everyone can boast about in the future. 

Eradicating the nation’s wanted criminals like Osama Bin Laden, who was held accountable for killing more than 3,000 Americans in the attack on September 11, 2001. could not have been possible without these undercover agents who are responsible enough to collect data and inform on time. 

These agents toiled hard to save America with the hope and trust that their professional identity would always be kept safe and protected. But that’s not the case anymore, as the trust has been violated, and injustice has been done to these undercover agents.

The purpose of under-cover sources

The real reason for spying is to collect sensitive information, identify criminal activity, and transfer that information to their hired country. The confidential sources have been impacted, especially in times of war. 

But today, undercover agents bring peace, thereby reducing war from happening. Many countries have made such spying acceptable, through which countries can update on their enemies’ moves and can respond to anything with peace. 

Many countries’ embassies, aid programs, foreign student exchange programs, and delegations in economics have secretive people working in them. , for instance, is known for sending students to to engage in industrial espionage, and even the government is aware of it. 

But stealing certain classified information from other governments can lead to a possible death sentence. American intelligence and law enforcement agencies handle these documents with utmost care to save their identity.

When this sensitive information is, American foreign intelligence operations may be years behind schedule if they lose even one of them.

Two strategies to combat identity theft

The first strategy is to encrypt all the under-cover agent data, which has to be safeguarded in selective units so only selected people can access information and others cannot decode it. 

The second strategy is a complementary strategy prepared to reduce a nation’s need for such agents who must use technology to collect data. , , , and other similar technologies can replace the need for human sources to collect information from other countries. 

Humans who put themselves in danger daily for the country’s wellness must ensure that American leaders must protect them at any cost.