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American Idol Winner Samantha Diaz ‘I Seriously Need Help’

The of Season 18, , shared on her Instagram post that she seriously needs aid as she has been hospitalized.

Samantha Diaz thanked her followers

This news was shared with her followers through an Instagram story on August 24 about her hospitalization with a caption that

“Thank you to everyone that checked on me,” And she said she was alive and was discharged from the hospital, and again two days later, she thanked her followers for their prayers and wrote, “I’m doing much better now.”


Reason for hospitalization

There is no clear-cut reason why she has been hospitalized, but still, she posted a picture of a scale that showed her weight with a caption.

“100lbs is crazyyy … I seriously need help,”

And fans could now guess that is the reason for her hospitalization.
Later, she returned to her Instagram Story and shared videos of inspirational sayings, one of which said,

“Control your response when you have no control over the situation you find yourself in. Your power lies there.”

Which was followed by a screenshot of a biblical verse.


American Idol season 18

Samantha Diaz stunned the judges with her singing as she performed around her house in the projects in New York, where she lived with her grandmother, despite competing on the show amid a global epidemic.

Sam gained fame by participating in season three of American Idol on ABC in 2020 and winning the show’s first remote finale in its 20-year existence.

During the conclusion season, Samantha Diaz topped the performance by overthrowing Arthur Gunn by singing the songs “Rise Up” by Andra Day and “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson.

The actress, who began her career by performing on the subway, was the subject of a documentary named Sam, Underground two years previously.