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AMC Theatres renews Nicole Kidman’s spokesperson contract

With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, theaters opened again in earnest, and launched their “Welcome Back” campaign for audiences. In an AMC ad starring watching a film and delivering a monologue about the magic of watching movies with an audience.

Nicole Kidman captured moviegoers all over the world, ultimately resulting in plenty of memes and parodies. Now that this one-time video has been extended for another year, AMC has signed Kidman to a renewed contract as a spokesperson.

“Given that has great stories to tell, it’s clear that movie fans are eager to enjoy those dazzling images on AMC’s huge silver screens.” Aron said during AMC’s earnings call for 2022, adding: “And speaking of Nicole, our ad campaign was so effective that we signed her to be our spokesperson for another full year.

“Despite its immense popularity among movie fans, Kidman herself was unaware the ad had developed a cult following. In a previous interview with The Playlist, the Academy Award winner spoke about how it all got started and then expressed shock when learning how seriously some fans take the ad that plays before every AMC film.

“Are you kidding?” Kidman replied when told the line “Somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this” was now on T-shirts. As Kidman’s publicist added, “People have printed it and handed it out in theaters so they could read it with you before a movie.””What?” Kidman asked. She was assured “It exists,” by The Playlist. The woman replied in disbelief, “No.”. “Yes,” they answered.

A second time, she asked, “What?”. It was also explained that fans were unhappy when an important line from the promo was omitted when the time limit was reduced to 30 seconds from a minute. She went on to say, “But it’s a great line, isn’t it?”.” Wow.

Just how true is it…every time you go to the movies with a broken heart, and then watch something that breaks your heart again, and you go, ‘I’m not alone,’.” She went on to say, “But it’s a great line, isn’t it?”.” The need for this cannot be ignored. There must be cinema.”

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