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AGT Finale: Drake Milligan won a standing ovation from all the judges

America’s Got Talent is finally winding up following Tuesday’s performance of the season finale, and the show will crown the winner.  

worried about his performance

Contestant Drake Milligan surprised all four judges by performing an original song, “Sounds Like Something I’d Do.” This song’s track was an imitation of the song that he performed in his initial audition. This song won a standing ovation from all four judges.

His final performance left all judges speechless, and judge Heidi Klum declared that Drake Milligan was a beat performer and called him the season’s “standout,” and said 

“You can tell the audience loves you, the camera loves you, I love you.”

The second judge Sofía Vergara called the contestant an amazing musician and

“I already want to buy a ticket to your concert.”

Backstage, Drake Milligan informed People that the actress need not buy any ticket for any of his future performances. 

“She can get into any concert she wants to,” he says. “She gets comp tickets anytime. Anytime she wants one, she gets in for free.”

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Drake Milligan’s song topped

After Drake Milligan’s audition in June, “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” topped the spot on the iTunes country chart, then on Tuesday, judge praised him for his selection of the repeat song.

Drake Milligan was worried about his choice to perform the . But still performing on a repeat song grabbed a great reaction, , and tried a new track with his previous one. 

Will Drake Milligan be crowned

The show will select the new winner on Wednesday. Drake Milligan will walk away with the . And he will use the million-dollar prize to create a wonderful life experience for his fans.

But still, nothing is sure whether he will be crowned as the show’s topper, but Milligan would have had a tremendous experience on  that has “changed everything” for his career.

He said he has been hailing from for the past five years and making records. It’s hard for people to show their talent on shows and radio as it is a tough climb up. But he is so thankful that AGT has allowed him and that he showed millions of people, broke the seal, and had an opportunity to sing for people out there. 

He is very grateful for everything. 

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