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Agonizing! Tom Hanks revealed  his imposter syndrome

Agonizing! revealed his imposter syndrome

Tom Hanks was facing imposter syndrome while working with the late . Hanks is the two-time who appeared on the ‘Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.’ He explained what it was like to film the 2002 “road to Perdition’ with the Hollywood legend.

Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter syndrome is defined as doubting abilities and feeling like a fraud. It affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments.  Paul Newman, the beloved actor, and philanthropist died in September 2008 at 83 due to cancer. Hanks was 66, and his experience with the silver screen icon on the hit film picked up an for Best Cinematography in 2003. 

Hanks with Paul Newman

At the time of filming, he experienced imposter syndrome. The film follows an assassin played by Jude Law at large after his son witnesses a murder committed by his boss. Hanks plays Michael Sullivan, whereas Newman plays Irish mob boss John Rooney, who raised Hanks’s character. 

Hanks made one movie with that took a bit for him to make peace with. ‘There was not a soul on the soundstage that was not thinking; this was the first take of the movie that he is with Paul Newman.  He did the scene, and there was a moment of silence. He looked around and said, ‘The first day, you feel kind of self-conscious, don’t ya?’

Shepard mentioned that Newman splashes ice water on his face each morning to help him recover from the previous night. Hanks responded, ‘It’s funny, you should say. Do you know what I learned from Paul Newman on that day? The first thing in the makeup is your face in a bucket of ice water.