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After the death of her unborn son, Chrissy Teigen had an abortion for her life

said this week, that she understood that the she claimed in 2020 was an . She said she discovered she had had an abortion over a year ago, which she said she had to do to “save my life for a child that would have absolutely no chance.” In 2010, she said at an event in Los Angeles on Thursday that she had to make many difficult and heartbreaking decisions while pregnant with , John, and her third child. Around halfway through, it became clear that he and I would not survive without medical assistance.”

After the death of her unborn son, Chrissy Teigen had an abortion for her life

I had never considered abortion until a few months ago, and it was to save my life for a baby who had no chance.

Chrissy Teigen: “I told you all we had a miscarriage because I thought that was what it was. But it was an abortion, and we were heartbroken and grateful all at once. It just took me over a year to realize it.”

Teigen's abortion experiences

A decision overturning earlier this year led Teigen and her husband, , to realize she'd had an abortion. Legend helped her realize that she had gone through the same thing after she expressed sympathy for those who had experienced an abortion. In a statement to the outlet, Teigen said, I fell silent, feeling odd that I hadn't understood it that way. The world agreed that we had miscarried. The headlines all said it was a miscarriage. My frustration became high because I didn't say what it was when I first realized it had been an abortion, and it made me feel silly that I didn't realize it until over a year.

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Teigen and Legend's announcement

The Hollywood Reporter's article on Friday was retweeted by Teigen, who wrote, “I mistook it for an abortion when it turned out to be a miscarriage.” A tearful post in September 2020 announced that Teigen had lost her unborn child. Jack was going to be named after her. In a blog post, Teigen wrote, “We are shocked and in deep pain that I have never felt before.” The following October, Teigen wrote in a medium essay that she had nearly died after suffering a partial placental abruption that required inducing the delivery of her 20-month-old son. It was time to say goodbye, my doctor told me after a couple of nights in the hospital. He would not be able to survive this, and she said if it went on too long, I might not survive either.

A third child is on the way for Teigen and Legend, who suddenly announced their pregnancy in August. Despite her nerves and excitement, she wrote: “I'm feeling amazing and hopeful as I walk out of an appointment.”

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