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After Stallone’s comments, Dolph Lundgren clarifies Drago spinoff

Sylvester Stallone’s reaction to reports of a Rocky spin-off featuring Drago’s son and his character Ivan is discussed by Dolph Lundgren. Sylvester Stallone’s fiery comments have prompted Dolph Lundgren to clarify his role in the Rocky spinoff, Drago.

Despite selling the script to multiple studios, Stallone got the rights to Rocky under the caveat that he would play the lead, after attempting to sell the script to multiple studios. After winning Best Picture for the franchise starter and making him a star, Stallone cast Lundgren to play Ivan Drago in 1985’s Rocky IV.

One film, a revival, and a Creed spin-off later, Stallone and Lundgren reprised their roles in Creed II, in which Adonis battled Viktor Drago, the son of Lundgren’s villain. In recent years, the boxing franchise has continued to grow.

Along with Jordan’s directorial debut, Creed III-without Stallone’s Italian Stallion-it was recently leaked that MGM intends to produce a spinoff centered on Ivan and Viktor Drago. As a result of this news, Stallone criticized the Drago spinoff and accused producer Winkler of exploitation of the Rocky franchise.

As a result, Lundgren took to Instagram to clear up any confusion regarding his involvement with a possible Drago spinoff. He was under the impression that Stallone had a role in developing the project at this point.

Stallone followed up his initial comments with another Instagram post aimed at Winkler, mentioning that he did not receive a call from Lundgren, who has worked with Stallone on many projects, including the Expendables franchise and the upcoming Expend4bles.

While this is entirely plausible, it seems like Lundgren thought Stallone was already aware of the Drago movie before the leak. Stallone, as a struggling actor 47 years ago, probably resolved their misunderstanding. While that’s a relief, it’s unfortunate he’s now suffering the consequences of that compromise.

In addition to Rocky, various franchises from the 1970s and 80s have battled over character rights. For example, screenwriter Victor Miller now owns Friday the 13th’s rights, and scribes behind 1987’s Predator are suing Disney.

Despite the two failing to reach an agreement, the prequel, Prey, launched on Hulu on August 5. As every franchise expands ad nauseam, the prospect of a Drago spin-off should not come as a surprise.

Surprisingly, Stallone has so little control over the IP. Aside from that, Stallone’s career wouldn’t be what it is today without the sale of the rights. Although it’s understandable to want one’s family to inherit what someone has created. It’s good to know where Lundgren stands despite all of the drama going on outside the ring.




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