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Adele joined the list of EGOT winners after losing Tony Award

has a long list of achievements; now, she is a winner of the

On Saturday, the singer of Hello won an Emmy for her remarkable performance for 2022 under the category Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Outstanding Variety Special.

Adele won the Emmy for her song “One Night Only,” released on the 14th Nov 2021

Her first Emmy and Adele are adding abundant major awards, including 15 Grammys and one Oscar, which she won for her song Skyfall. 

She is one award down from making it to the EGOT list. The Tony Award and Adele will make it to the EGOT club.

One Night only received five nominations for a variety of light designing, light direction, camera work, and video control. 

Adele has bet Lady Gaga as she was nominated for her special with for her song One last Evening.

In one of her interviews with , she opened up about her life and the story behind her songs, closely discussing her album 30. It was her first interview, the first televised wide-ranging conversation for her Album 30.

The EGOT includes only 17 celebrities to have made it to the list. Only , , , , Mel Brooks, and are some celebs who have won all four Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards. 

Fans on congratulated and celebrated Adele’s win

  1. Adele is ¾ to make it to the EGOT status.
  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, EGO.

Adele won an Emmy 

Adele’s fans are celebrating and Trending Adele on social media for her win. We can’t wait for Adele to make it to the EGOT Status.