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According to Patton Oswalt, Eternals 2 is in the works with director Chloe Zhao

A sequel to Eternals might be on the way. The sequel is in the works with returning as director and as a voice actor. As part of The Today Show interview this week, Oswalt discusses his involvement in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

The actor and comedian then revealed that Eternals 2 is in the works, hinting that he may return as Pip alongside Harry Styles. The two of us appear in a little post-credit sequence in Eternals,” Oswalt revealed. He plays Starfox, Thanos’ brother, and I play Pip the Troll.

A sequel to Eternals has been announced, and Chloe Zhao has been given the reins. So, hopefully, more adventures await Starfox and Pip.” Despite Oswalt’s knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, Marvel Studios still hasn’t announced whether Eternals 2 is going forward.

That could have been a reveal the studio was saving for the D23 Expo. As of now, the studio hasn’t commented on Oswalt’s announcement of a sequel. In the event that Eternals 2 does happen, Patton Oswalt just might make a return.

For fans who enjoyed Pip’s surprise appearance in the original, that would be good news. Oswalt has even been endorsed by Pip the Troll’s creator, , who told ComicBook.com that he was the perfect choice for this role.

“I think he’s perfect for the job,” Starlin said. It was fun watching him voice M.O.D.O.K. in that cartoon series. I watched the first one and I thought, ‘Eh, it’s okay.’ But the second one got me hooked, and I just couldn’t recover from my laughter. Now, Patton has always been a character actor of great range, and I think his voice is perfect for Pip.”

The actor said he had been lobbying for Pip long before it finally appeared in the MCU, saying, “Every time I’ve seen Kevin Feige over the last two years, I have been lobbying for Pip. And obviously, I have more influence than I thought.”

Truthfully, they work on these things years ahead, so he’s probably been chuckling up his sleeve every time in recent years when I asked him, ‘Hey, when can we see Pip?’ And he’s probably mumbling something because he knows it’s coming.

As for Pip the Troll returning in the MCU, it remains to be seen, but since Oswalt said that Eternals 2 is on the way, maybe we’ll hear from Marvel Studios soon with more information.

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