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Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s hand was severed in a Bullet Train stunt and he passed out as a result

During his action-heavy “Bullet Train” stunts, Aaron Taylor-Johnson took the stunts a little too seriously. As a result of a “crazy mad Keto diet,” the actor suffered low blood sugar levels and passed out on set. “We were in a fight sequence when I received a drop kick across the room.

“The one sharp corner without padding took a chunk out of my hand,” the “Kraven the Hunter” star told Variety. My body went wham, and I collapsed. Then I came back and wondered, ‘Should we go again?’ Then they were like, “No, no, no.”. I had to get stitches at the hospital, so I spent the night there.”

Taylor-Johnson joked, “You know, you get a few battle scars when you do a David Leitch film. The film’s co-star, Brad Pitt, who performed 95 percent of the film’s physical stunts himself, said on the red carpet of the film’s premiere that he did not get hurt on set. Pitt said, “Oh, I went home and ahhed.”.

“But no.” he said. Aaron, on the other hand…Brian [Tyree Henry], on the other hand…The youngins, you know. Taylor-Johnson previously detailed to HERO Magazine that “Bullet Train” was originally envisioned as “quite a dark, R-rated, vicious action piece” before production led to the stars “hamming it up and making it fun.”

There’s no telling what happened, but it became a comedy! Taylor-Johnson explained. “We just laughed together. The director was open to playing and exploring, it was like a breath of fresh air – we had a great time.” According to him, it was the strangest film set he has ever been on due to COVID-19 precautions.

“We were tested every day, we had masks and then the plastic visor over top, and then we weren’t allowed to interact with one another. We couldn’t shake hands or hug our teammates at the end of the day. When you’ve been able to experience such intimacy and collaboration in the past, it’s an odd atmosphere.”

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