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A video shows a 130-foot-long boat sinking into the water

A that measures

In the film, a big boat that measures 130 feet in length is seen falling abruptly into the lake. 

Italian Coast Guard

The footage that was acquired by the Italian Coast Guard just nine miles off the coast of Italy recorded the magnificent yacht being progressively engulfed by the Mediterranean.

The United States Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard was able to preserve nine lives and prevent the sinking of the yacht known as “My Saga” by rushing to the aid of the individuals who were aboard the vessel in the nick of time.

The yacht was

The yacht was built in 2007, and it included a total of six staterooms that were able to accommodate up to a maximum of 12 guests, in addition to the four cabins that were dedicated solely for the use of the staff. 

The boat was constructed to perform wonderfully on open water; yet, the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the boat earlier this week remain a bit of a mystery.

2016, a disastrous year

Taking everything into consideration, 2016 has been a disastrous year for the corporate world as a whole.

Journal Super Yacht Times in the year 2020

According to an article that was published in the journal Super Yacht Times in the year 2020, there were a substantial number of unfortunate accidents that involved boats. 

Publication states

A publication states that a total of eight motor yachts caught fire, three sailing yachts capsized, two sailing yachts were attacked, and a rescue vessel collided with a 50-meter sailing yacht during the incident.

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