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A Stigma Still Exists In Hollywood After Some Big Names Turned Down Tyler Perry’s Latest Film

Tyler Perry started his career making stage productions before becoming an actor and filmmaker. In the movie Madea, he became famous for bringing his character to life. Critics have not been kind to his latest films, and perhaps as a result of these negative reviews, many big names have turned down roles. Those rejections are now coming to light for Madea’s director and star.

A Hollywood filmmaker’s reputation is everything. It was Tyler Perry who talked about this on the people’s everyday podcast about how leading actors and young actors gaining much media attention were turning down Tyler Perry’s new Netflix movie, A Jazzman’s Blues because they were reluctant to work with him.

It was revealed that the 52-year-old filmmaker had a team of agents and producers who ignored his work and chose to keep their young talents away from him during the podcast. In Perry’s last Netflix project, A Fall From Grace, the audience couldn’t help but notice a few errors that were a distraction to mediocre reviews. Even though it’s understandable from an agent’s viewpoint, it’s still unfortunate that the Gone Girl actor was rejected since he’s been in so many great films.

However, Tyler Perry has not been weighed down by these refusals, as he has expressed his pride in the cast of his latest film. His film was made possible by Joshua Boone and Solea Pfeiffer, two fresh faces who helped make it exactly what it was. While A Fall From Grace did not receive the best reception, it helped open doors for The Haves and the Have Nots actress Crystal Fox. Fox had been waiting for a break like this for 40 years, although she had mostly played supporting roles.

After coming from the world of theater, Tyler Perry began his career in Hollywood as an outsider. While writing A Jazzman’s Blues in 1995, he went hungry, slept on his cousin’s couch, and eventually became homeless while attempting to sell his first play. His first film has now been shown on Netflix, giving him the chance to show everyone what he’s been working on for a long time.

As a departure from Perry’s previous films, this one is a 1940s period piece about the forbidden love that exists between a black jazz singer and a Holocaust survivor and it’s a very different movie from his previous ones.

In the beginning, he was envisioning himself as the lead actor and a supporting cast that included such big-name stars as Will Smith, Halle Berry, Sir Ben Kingsley, Diana Ross, and Cicely Tyson as well as others. Over time, though, everyone grew old and passed away. After 26 years of hard work, this longtime producer’s dream has come true with A Jazzman’s Blues, which is soon to be released on Netflix.

After Tyler Perry’s podcast, he concluded by saying that he can’t wait to see his movie in theaters for himself and will show it to as many young talents who turned him down as he could. As of September 23, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream A Jazzman’s Blues via their subscriptions.


Source: cinemablend

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