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A new twist is added to the familiar ‘Predator’ tale in ‘Prey’

While there have been more bad “Predator” movies than good ones, the character still has that cool, iconic monster feel you rarely see these days so people still get excited when a new one comes out. Despite being the best movie in a long time, “” still has issues that prevent it from being great. Naru is keen to prove herself as a hunter despite her people wanting her to remain a healer in 1719. Meanwhile, a predator lands on Earth to hunt the biggest game it can find.

The story has interesting parallels and while all actors play their roles well, there aren’t any blow-out performances. She’s the archetype of a “competent hothead” who gets ahead of herself sometimes but can handle most things. The first half’s pacing is slow. As with the original “Predator” movie, there isn’t too much show of .

The predator doesn’t have many of the hi-tech gadgets he usually has and is shown to be vulnerable when he’s in combat, which makes the movie a lot more interesting. Action scenes are good for the most part, but CGI can be distracting and take away from the weight of violence at times. While the movie takes place in the Commanche nation, the characters speak English with American accents most of the time.

Expecting a major studio to subtitle an entire film is too much to ask, but it would have enhanced the immersion. The movie later introduces a group of French fur-trappers who speak French the whole time. It doesn’t ruin the movie’s atmosphere by any means, but it also feels like a big missed opportunity. It doesn’t seem like this movie does enough to elevate it above average, aside from the setting. None of the characters are great.

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I would say the problem lies with the script rather than with or as Naru and Tanabe. Things play out in a predictable and somewhat satisfying manner without any surprises.” Prey” is better than “The Predator” and while it won’t blow anybody away, it is still a decent film. It means that more “Predator” movies will take some risks from here on out, despite the interesting premise. “Prey” gets three stars.

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