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A new movie starring Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Sherlock Holmes premieres with its first trailer

It’s official: ’s medieval fantasy film Catherine, Called Birdy has released its . A drama starring Bella Ramsey as (also known as Birdy), the youngest child of Lord Rollo (Andrew Scott from Sherlock), and Lady Aislinn (Billie Piper).

In most medieval stories, Birdy’s father had decided that the best way to fix his dwindling fortunes was to marry off his daughter to a wealthy man. Birdy, however, has different plans. According to one clip, she says she would rather die than be forced to marry. “Neither option appeals to me. Or is fair,” she says.

Later on, she is seen expressing her frustration about the arranged marriage, saying: “You should not decide who we are, where we live, or how much we cost. We are not things.” While the trailer shows the main character lamenting her situation, it also shows that there will be some comedy in the film as well.

Birdy can be seen scaring off a potential suitor with her brother’s help in one scene. Birdy tells the man, “You have no right to mean our Lady Catherine. She’s a vile creature,” before convincing him that she has a third ear.

An incident at the dinner table causes pandemonium when smallpox is mentioned. This film is based on a children’s book of the same name and follows Catherine, along with the rest of her family, as they prepare to marry an older man.

The film was produced by Amazon Studios, but it will debut in cinemas before being released on Prime Video. As well as playing the equally strong-willed Lyanna Mormont in , Ramsey will also star in HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation, which is currently filming.


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