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A new Assassin movie will be directed by the director of John Wick

It has been announced that Chad Stahelski is working on the next installment of his franchise, a project that will remain in the same genre as the films he is most famous for. Stahelski has been widely recognized as an action genre standout since making a name for himself as Keanu Reeves’ stuntman in The Matrix films.

In his first John Wick film, which he directed along with fellow stuntman in 2014, Stahelski popularized the concept of shooting action scenes based around fight choreography which has been carried over to several modern action franchises as well.

In an assassin thriller called Shibumi for Stahelski will direct and produce. The screenplay of the film has been written by Operation: Finale screenwriter Matthew Orton. Based on a 1979 novel about the assassin who kills his victims using everyday items found in a household, the film is based on a 1979 novel.

The assassin will be the main character of the movie as he must interrupt his retirement in France to stop a secretive organization with a stranglehold on the world’s energy supply to stop from destroying the planet.

Stahelski, who is directing this film along with his 87Eleven cohorts Alex Young and Jason Spitz, appears like a perfect candidate for the role of director of a story about an assassin whose volatility extends to anything around him. In addition to overseeing Peacock’s forthcoming The Continental series, Stahelski is currently finishing up post-production on John Wick: Chapter Four, in addition to working on John Wick: Chapter Four.

As a result of those projects, Chad Stahelski seems to be compelled to create an entirely new world with a new set of locations, stakes, and characters, even though those projects are currently under development.

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