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A huge discount is being offered by HBO Max as more titles are being cut

As many predicted Netflix losing subscribers would be the biggest streaming story of 2022, Warner Bros Discovery stepped out with a resounding “Hold my beer!” and has made an array of unexpected decisions regarding HBO Max’s upcoming and past original content.

There has been a lot of worry about other fan-favorite series since the shelving of the diversity-driven superhero film Batgirl, the excision of a slew of acclaimed animated and unscripted series, and the adage that HBO Max has broken through the darkness with a shining beacon of light in the form of a surprisingly steep discount for both new and old subscribers.

A new HBO Max offer, which starts today and runs through October 30, 2022, will save potential and current subscribers 30% or more of the service’s normal price, but with one basic stipulation. Unlike its major discount earlier this year, this deal specifically applies to pre-paid annual subscriptions and doesn’t apply to customers who are only interested in monthly plans. 

Those who want 12 months of HBO Max’s Ad-Free plan will need to pay $104.99 one time, rather than $149.99 annually, which represents a 30% discount. The $45 savings can be spent on whatever HBO Max DVDs you find.) What’s more, the above discount is 41.6% off the $179.88 total that customers must pay over twelve months.

HBO Max’s yearly plan will cost $69.99 for streaming audiences who don’t mind seeing ads during Hacks and The Big Bang Theory episodes (which were not dropped from the content library). There is a 30% discount off the non-discounted price, which is $49.89 cheaper than the monthly payment, as well as a 30% discount off the ad-free version. 

This deal is only good for a single year’s subscription, as expected. However, I think that’s a solid and positive bet, because next year HBO Max and Discovery+ will be combined in a revamped streaming service, and no doubt more changes will happen between now and then. 

HBO Max subscription deals wouldn’t be able to balance all the erratic moves elsewhere, but this promotion comes ahead of House of the Dragon’s HBO premiere weekend at just the right time. It could very well be that Game of Thrones prequel saga, which has already received wildly varying reactions from critics, is cable’s next saving grace after Yellowstone and The Walking Dead took up the mantle.

In spite of recent changes to HBO Max, such as the removal of Sesame Street episodes, there are still many reasons to stay with the service. DC fans who aren’t into such habits can take comfort in knowing that the Green Lantern series, James Gunn’s Peacemaker, and more won’t be cut.

It’s worth the Ad-Free plan’s price alone to watch all those eras of Looney Tunes. You can find some of the most popular movies on HBO Max, as well as our schedule of new and returning TV shows for 2022.

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