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A Florida home worth $335K is purchased by 90-Day Fiancé Stars. Who are they

, who was on 90-Day Fiancé with Robert Springs, recently bought their expensive dream house. It was in season 7 of 2019 that they first met.

They fell in love after meeting his love online and pursuing her in the Dominican Republic. After Anny and her beau were on the show, she found out about her beau’s other kids and his past. They married and had a family, and everything worked out for them.

How did Anny and Robert gain popularity

Anny and Robert became icons for their amazing Pillow Talk commentary on 90-Day Fiancé spin-offs a few years ago. They appeared multiple times on those shows. Their first child, , died in 2022, while their second child, , died in 2022.

They have two beautiful children. When their second child died, Robert and Anny suffered a painful loss earlier that year. Their activity has decreased since then as they grieved and found some peace.

Following months of mourning, the couple has slowly but steadily returned to normal life. Anny and Robert are back on Pillow Talk, smiling as usual. In Touch recently reported that the couple bought a gorgeous four-bedroom home in Florida.

There is now a four-bedroom house owned by the popular 90-Day Fiancé couple that measures approximately 1,731 square feet. It has two bathrooms, multiple garages, a large yard, a screen-in patio, an outdoor kitchen, and a massive swimming pool on a 0.23-acre lot. A $335,000 price tag is listed on the records for the house.

They had a joyful day in their new house

Anny shared a few glimpses of her new home on her post. Her caption is in Spanish, which translates to “Sunday at home enjoying our new house.” She explained that the beautiful life she lived was the gift of God, but material things were not enough to fill the void left by an important person.

The 90 Day Fiancé cast and crew congratulated Anny on her purchase. In the comments, fellow franchise alum Armando Rubio wrote, “Stay strong guys, congratulations on the new home.” Another user added, “Congratulations on the new beginning.”

As Anny and Robert have been going through the most painful time of their lives recently, fans feel sorry for them. As the couple continues to build new memories and start anew, fans are thrilled to see that they have moved into a new home.

As well as preserving their beautiful life with their daughter Brenda and Robert’s elder son Bryson, the couple is also trying to acquaint themselves with their new home. The 90 Day Fiancé viewers are pleased with Anny and Robert’s achievements and wish them the best in making their new home their own.