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A collision in midair! It’s awful that members of Megan’s Hilty family were killed in the plane tragedy

Earlier this month, a float plane‘s wreckage crashed in Washington, killing all ten people aboard, including three of ’s family members. The (NTSB) announced they found the plane off Whidbey Island on Monday.

According to the NTSB, the plane is located 190 feet down on the Puget Sound sea floor. The depth of water is a 3-5 knot current where a remotely operated vehicle was used to recover evidence from the wreckage to determine why the plane was down on 4th September. 

Untoward tragedy

Ten people aboard were killed in a plane crash, including three of Megan’s family members: her pregnant sister Lauren Hilty, brother-in-law’s Ross Mickel, and nephew . Among the nine, one body has been recovered, and the remaining people are missing but presumed dead. The identified body is Seattle attorney , who was 29. 

Persons killed by the plane crash were pilot , passengers , Civil rights activist and her partner Patt Hicks, also a married couple Luke and Rebecca Ludwig. Ross was a well-known winemaker and also the owner of . His family comment on the loss to also mentioned that Lauren was pregnant at the time of the incident; that sounds awful. 

It’s devastating news

Megan confirmed the death of her family members on with a heartbreaking post. She mentioned, ‘A plane crash caused my family members to unexpectedly die, and one of the devastating news is that my sister was eight months pregnant and we are very eager to welcome a baby boy Luca into the world. She continued, ‘The last three days have been the worst of our lives; there are no words to appropriately convey the depth of our grief. 

She added Ross and Lauren are survived by their daughter, she was not on the plane, and we asked her name and personal information to be kept private because she is a minor. Finally, Megan concluded, ‘It has been so comforting to know just how loved Lauren, Ross, Remy, and Luca truly are.

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