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A Black Designer Mocks Kylie Jenner’s Welp What Do We Have Here For Her Plagiarised Video Campaign

copies a black designer’s campaign. She is called out for her deceptive act.

Copying is not good. Especially not in showbiz

Black designers are always laid behind when it comes to credits

The famous designer Travis Di’meer has mocked Kylie Jenner for copying his style and video campaign.

Travis’s gained fame for having his 61-year-old on the page as the cover girl.

The video premiered on August 19. Di’meer’s Mother is seen in the video wearing a black cropped hoodie, shorts, IEMBE logo accessories, and black feather-trimmed boots. His Mother is posing and dancing in front of a white background. Beyonce’s Homecoming song plays in the background.

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He captioned the video, ‘She’s in a league of her own’

Di’meer’s Mother’s dance moves completely took fans in awe. It was also a hint of his new collection.
Cut to a month later, the Jenners copied the Di’meers video campaign.

Jenner’s video on September 13 looked similar to the Di’meers campaign. Kylie is seen announcing the Collection installment.

Everything is copied since Kylie is shown talking to her Mother, Kris, in silhouette-style shots. The second scene shows Kris in front of the white background.

Kris is seen in the same look as Di’meer’s Mother but in a different outfit. However, it is a black gown with a feather hat.

Here Kris dances to ’s song Goosebumps before she dances with her daughter Kylie.

Kylie Cosmetics Tweet read, “Ring Ring, “The Kris Collection launches tomorrow at 9 am on KylieCosmetics.com.”

Travis Di’meer shared the post of Kylie Jenner’s campaign and spoke about the brand copying his video. He wrote
“Welp, what do we have here,”

Di’meer’s fans came in support when they saw his campaign copied by the well-known Kylie cosmetics.

A user @yoshikowakum wrote, “I could be wrong, but the marketing for the Kylie Kris Jenner collection sure looks similar to @travisdimeer hmmmmmmm.

“You need your credit or a check for creative direction,” wrote @1NoelNiks.

@97golds Yea used a Beyonce meme. Let’s get on the ass and get this coin. Imma start with a heavily worded email.”

It’s not a small thing to have occurred. Despite this, Di’meer and his Mother are living the best life. He took to Twitter to share his first-ever experience at the New York Fashion Week with his Mother.

What is your take on Kylie Jenner copying Di’meer’s video campaign?

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