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A Batgirl movie cancellation sparks divided reactions among fans

As a result of Warner Bros.’ surprise cancellation of the HBO Max movie Batgirl, fans across social media have reacted differently. Batgirl would have marked the latest live-action take on Barbara Gordon, played by actress Leslie Grace, which had been in development for years.

Batgirl was to follow Barbara’s origin story in becoming the iconic DC superhero, directed by Ms. Marvel’s Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. A premiere for Batgirl was reportedly planned for late 2022 as an HBO Max original film.

After principal photography was completed on March 31, post-production work began. The surprise move caught fans and industry figures off guard when Warner Bros. and HBO Max canceled Batgirl, with no plans to release it in theaters or on streaming services. Even though the film is largely completed, at least with the initial photography, the Batgirl movie cancellation is unusual.

It’s no surprise that this news has sparked a wide range of reactions from fans on social media since it’s a huge surprise for the Batgirl film. The sudden cancellation of Batgirl by Warner Bros. is upsetting and frustrating for many since it means the loss of a female-led DC franchise overseen by directors of color.

Additionally, there are fans who are in favor of canceling the DC movie, for various reasons. Below you can see a sampling of reactions to Batgirl’s shelving. According to reports, Warner Bros. pulled Batgirl after negative test screenings and wanted their DC theatrical products to be “event films.”

The idea of scrapping a project isn’t uncommon; Warner Bros. David Zaslav, Discovery’s new CEO, did cancel the Wonder Twins HBO Max movie since he didn’t want to invest $75 million dollars into the DC property.

It is shocking, however, to put Batgirl on the shelves after principal photography has been completed. As a result, social media was flooded with massive reactions from fans. Grace and the rest of the creative team are extremely disappointed, as many have said. Batgirl’s team has been open about their enthusiasm for the project, so they must be experiencing a variety of emotions.

Although it was inevitable for fans to be sad, frustrated, or even happy that Batgirl would not happen, it will be interesting to hear what Grace and other production members have to say in response.

There is no doubt that Batgirl would have been Michael Keaton’s second DCEU movie as Batman since he will also star in The Flash with Ezra Miller in 2023. It remains to be seen whether Keaton’s Batman will appear in other DCEU films after The Flash.

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