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90-Day Fiance: Shaeeda, on Prenup agreement, demands Bilal for a baby before turning 40

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After star wants a from her husband , but he has no interest in it.

90-Day Fiance: Happily Ever After episode

During the last episode, the 37-year-old Shaeeda went with her 42-year-old husband Bilal, and she was very excited when she found a baby section in the store. 

She confessed to the store attendants as her husband has kids and she does not have any. As Bilal finds her in the baby section, he questions her about being in that section and asks her to join him in the other section. After hearing this, Shaeeda pulls him by the arm and drags him into the baby section, where Bilal finds no reason to be there.  

on having a baby

90-Day Fiance: Shaeeda, on Prenup agreement, demands Bilal for a baby before turning 40

The clip ends there, and Shaeeda confesses in front of the camera, explaining their prenup agreement that both should try for a baby before she hits 40, where she explains.

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“I'm like two and a half years from 40, by that time I might be too old. If I don't get a baby by 40, he's going to pay.”

In the store, Billal questions why she wants to talk about this now and to which she responds by saying she needs a baby. With all smiles, Bilal confirms their and the real intention as to why they came, and Shaeeda holds his face saying she is aware of it, but this is something God is trying to tell them something. 

Bilal then picks some baby clothing from hangers and says,  “Because when one of these happens, life as you know stops.”

Visit a fertility specialist

After this, the couple leaves the store, and Shaeeda asks for a consultation with the fertility specialist next week.  Bilal is clueless about the visit to a fertility , for which she wants to know how much time is left for her, and that's something she truly wants to hear.  

Viewers got to hear the conversation that led to the unusual prenup agreement during an episode of the show that aired in July, where Shaeeda wants to have a baby before she turns 40. She asked for that in writing form from Bilal, and he, too, agreed to it.

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