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90-Day Fiance: Jibri Bell faces criticism amid his Facebook post on exploiting mental health

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The last Tell-All episode of 90 Day Fiancé aired on Sunday, marking the end of the ninth season. Jibri Bell is facing huge backlash over an old post where he is accused of shading psychological problems to gain sympathy and look cool. 

He is facing huge criticism because of his attitude in the recent reunion episode. Very recently, he married Miona Bell in the finale and was later seen going after and accusing her of calling her a jealous person on the show. 

Ariela Weinberg was taken aback by Jibri Bell’s notion of her, and so with fans. And fans are very much aware of how he has a thirst for media fame to place himself in the limelight.

This raises a question among fans about what made Jibri Bell charge Ariela Weinberg and call her relationship with bogus, which will fail. 

Jibri Bell auctioned his outfit

Jibri Bell faced charges of fabricating a 90-Day Fiancé tale with Miona due to rumors that the two would wed in 2020 or before that. At that time, Jibri Bell auctioned his ripped pants for $26,000 and became an initiator as several other co-stars, including and , also auctioned their outfits. 

TLC fans called out the entire auction to be a fake. However, Jibri Bell’s criticism following his 90-Day Fiancé debut may have resulted from his sniping at others during the Tell-All.

Past Facebook post exposed

His aggressive remarks made huge disgust among fans that they were not letting him walk out at ease. One Reddit user named u/eg228 identified Jibri Bell’s old Facebook post dated July 10, 2019, where he says he was prescribed numerous medications that could bring calmness to his mind as a child.

He added with a laughing emoji stating. 

They diagnosed me with ADD, ADHD, ODD, LMNOP QRSTUV,”  

As a kid, he jumped on tables, and his teachers called him a class clown. He got a terrible scolding as he disobeyed his teachers and questioned why he didn’t behave like other kids. 

In which I would reply BECAUSE IM NOT NORMAL B***H,” which was planned for “.

On seeing his old post, Fans accused him of exploiting mental health. This didn’t end here, as Jibri Bell’s parenting skills were also questioned. His action embarrassed the viewers during the Tell-All.

Fans are convinced that Jibro Bell has a unique personality that he could flaunt without degrading others. At the same time, others started to think that the accusation between Jibri and Ariela was scripted as part of the 90-Day Fiancé drama.