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90 Day Fiancé Family feud between Bilal’s then-wife Shahidah and Bilal’s now-wife Shaeeda Sween

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, ’s former wife, , and his now wife, , quarreled with each other as Bilal tried to diffuse “bad blood” between them.

Shahidah visits Shaeeda Sween’s home

During the meeting, Shaeeda informs Shahida that, as she arrived with all fuming and yelling in the kitchen Shaeeda got stunned. She wants to throw Shahida out of her home as she doesn’t want her to return any more.

In the argument between the two, Bilal, acting as a moderator, says, as people, we do many things and say many things that others do.

Bilal on safe grounds

On witnessing the argument between the two, Bilal is frustrated and calls that this is not a conversation but an argument. And he doesn’t want to get involved as he stays neutral.

But still, the argument continues, and he is trying his best to move the conversation; he tells both women that they are grown adults and that there shouldn’t be any bad blood involved.

At some point, Shaeeda acknowledges that she wants to resolve their problems and be friends with Shahida for good.

Shared wants an amicable

Shared informs Shahida that she wants the relationship to be good, and she wants the both of them to be cordial with each other, and she is doing this for the sake of the kids. But she did not like her approach of coming and yelling at her home and asked her to apologize for it.

Shahida denies apologizing to Shaeeda’s seeing it as untrue and doesn’t want to apologize for something she never did. This again calls for another round of argument between the women, and at this time, Shaeeda asks, what is her purpose of the visit?

The second round of argument

She just came here to settle everything and not here to apologize, and just before Shaeeda speaks, Shahidah interrupts and says she is done for now.

In the family closing argument, Shahidah warns Bilalas how he needs to do better since he already knows how quickly things will go, for which Shaeeda counters by asking him to get her better as if she is the only one who has emotion, and that went nasty.