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90-Day Fiancé: Do you know why HEA fans hate Jovi Dufrene?

90-Day Fiancé, Jovi Dufrene: The one who has no fan base than others. Even though his character grabbed many viewers’ attention in Season 7, after the completion of season 7, he continued to be a cast member in season 8. In the same season, he married Zaya and tried to organize a party on Happily Ever After Season 6. Although, all the viewers are lashing out at Jovi.

Let’s look at why he was slammed

The Happily Ever After premiere on Sunday night featured Jovi and Yara watching their , . When his wife asked him to watch their daughter, Jovi was forced to stay at home. She also revealed that Jovi insulted the look of her post-baby breasts during her sex life with him after giving birth. A sentiment that many viewers are echoing now is that Yara’s friends encouraged her to leave Jovi.

Viewers’ and users’ comments about Jovi

Yara mentioned that she needed a night off from endless parenting duties due to Jovi’s behavior. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your wife have some quiet time? In response to Jovi’s complaints, a fan wrote. The comments on Jovi’s post were mixed, with some agreeing that he wasn’t being honest with his daughter.

Many others said he should be happy to spend time with her one-on-one, however. u/Virgo_SayWhat observed: “Working offshore means he spends a lot of time alone with Mylah.” He says what he says to her even though he is married with a child and continues to frequent strip clubs,” u/jaypee915 argues.

Yara’s job as a stay-at-home mom was noted as exhausting by many Happily Ever After viewers, especially because Jovi is often away for work. It was unclear to why Jovi treated Yara this way when she wanted to spend some time with her friends.

As a result of him being gone for months at a time, she’s so isolated. It’s exhausting, and she should be allowed to take a night off without feeling guilty about it,” user u/OblongAnomaly on Reddit. Yara’s post-baby body even led many Redditors to drag Jovi for making her feel insecure. A user commented, “I feel so sorry for Yara, who feels so self-conscious about her body. She is an amazing woman, so no one should have to feel that way.”

It’s a mystery for Yara about Jovi’s character

The storyline of Jovi’s marriage to Yara, while angering some 90-Day Fiancé fans, has been compared to that on Happily Ever After? Aside from the fact that Yara’s friends appeared on the show but weren’t on her Instagram feed, Yara’s friends seemed very fake.

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The two friends are often perceived as hired actors by viewers. Some fans suspect Jovi and Yara of playing out a script to increase ratings. Yara may have to seriously reconsider her marriage if Jovi’s behavior towards her is real.