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9 films that were scrapped during or after production, from Batgirl to Quentin Tarantino’s lost comedy

Any film is a pretty mammoth undertaking, it goes without saying. You need actors, crew members, a script, a director – and you have to make sure there is money to make it all happen. Occasionally, even if everything falls into place, something can still go disastrously wrong.A number of projects have never made it into production in history.

How about those that got to the point of filming before being buried? There could be a variety of reasons for this, such as a terrible accident, a financial mishap, or a change in management at the studio. The blockbuster would have starred Leslie Grace and Michael Keaton as Batman. The following 11 movies were scrapped during production or afterward.


Batgirl had already been completed and cost $90m (£73.7m) to make, but it was shelved just months before its release date. Barbara Gordon was portrayed by Leslie Grace in the DC film. “The decision not to release Batgirl reflects the strategic shift our leadership has made regarding the DC universe and HBO Max,” a Warner Bros.

spokesperson said. This decision has nothing to do with Leslie Grace’s performance. Batgirl has been victimized by Warner Bros’ changing leadership. Originally planned as an HBO Max release, it was reported to be released theatrically as well.

Birthday of my best friend

The first film Quentin Tarantino made was not Reservoir Dogs but My Best Friend’s Birthday, a black-and-white comedy starring Tarantino and his old video store associate Craig Hamann. Five years before Reservoir Dogs hit screens, the film was completed in 1987.

Despite not being given a wide release anyway, the film was destroyed in a fire at the development lab. Tarantino fans can access the film’s full script and a compilation made from the surviving footage on the internet.

A Clown Cried One Day

It was Jerry Lewis’ legendary lost film in which the comedian played a German circus clown who ridiculed Hitler and was arrested. Early reviews of the film were damning; The Simpsons star Harry Shearer wrote: “This movie’s pathos and comedy are so wildly wrong that you cannot, in your fantasy of what it could be, improve on what it really is.”

The film never made its way to the screen due to copyright disputes involving producer Nathan Wachsberger.

Bambi was killed by who?

Roger Ebert and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren collaborated on this punk-rock take on Hard Day’s Night. In addition to Russ Meyer directing, the Sex Pistols themselves were attached to stars.

After just a few days of production, however, filming was abandoned. There have been a variety of reasons given by those involved for the film’s failure, including objections from Fox studios, a personal intervention from 20th Century Fox board member Grace Kelly, and – perhaps most importantly – financing difficulties.

The 13th number

His first film was 1922’s Number 13, a sociopolitical drama. As a husband-and-wife couple, Clare Greet and Ernest Thesiger were attached. Midway through, however, financing fell through, so filming was abandoned.


Netflix canceled a biopic of the late writer, Gore Vidal, in 2017 after Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct. Post-production was already underway on the film. A later interview with Michael Stuhlbarg, who played Vidal’s longtime partner, Howard Austen, discussed the film’s abandonment.

He said, “I understand what you are going through.”. “Surely, over time people will be able to see it in the light that it was meant to be seen in.”

Here Bogart slept

The production of this 1975 film, based on a Neil Simon script, was halted two weeks into its production by Mike Nichols. Robert De Niro’s Method-infused style of acting failed to gel with Simon’s dialogue, according to reports. The Goodbye Girl was reworked and filmed two years following Bogart Slept Here.

The 10 things I hate most about life

There have been few canceled films as controversial as Gil Junger’s 10 Things I Hate About You, a spiritual sequel. In the film, Evan Rachel Wood and Thomas McDonell play two characters who meet while trying to take their own lives and fall in love.

There were two months of filming in 2012, but they were abandoned due to Wood’s pregnancy and management changes at the production company. Although production was supposed to resume in 2013, it never did. Wood’s lawyer alleged that she was never adequately paid for work already done when producers sued her for breach of contract.

I, Claudius

Among the most infamous unfinished films ever (almost) made is the 1937 Roman epic I, Claudius. A car accident injured one of the stars, Merle Oberon, midway through filming.

A few historians and commentators have speculated that the injury was used to excuse Alexander Korda and Charles Laughton’s fierce creative divisions. The Epic That Never Was was a 1965 documentary film.


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