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8 celebrities only drink alkaline water

Hollywood has become a hotbed of alkaline water fads.Celebrities’ lives are always interesting to follow because we often get to see their glamorous routines. Who doesn’t want to be part of the latest Hollywood trend? They have also introduced many crazy fads and trends to people so that they can feel closer to their idols in some way.

From eating raw liver to the infamous Master Cleanse, celebrities seem to try everything. This time, they’re swearing by something mellow: alkaline water. The PH level of alkaline water is higher than that of your typical tap water. Alkaline water is said to increase hydration, boost weight loss, improve the appearance of your skin, nails, and hair, and reduce inflammation. It’s no wonder celebrities drink it! Wondering who these celebs are? Read on to find

She swears by alkaline water. She also started the trend back in 2013 when leaked reports said she only drank alkaline water during her Mrs. Carter World tour. Two hours of singing and dancing requires some serious energy. Drinking alkaline water increases hydrogen production in your body, one of its health benefits. This gives someone like Beyonce the energy to keep performing rigorous dance routines and singing live.

Miranda Kerr, former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and world-class supermodel, also drink alkaline water. Her previous interview revealed that she has alkaline water filters installed in her home, including her shower heads, to ensure that everything is purified. She says staying fit is very important to her, which includes maintaining a strict diet. She drinks two to three liters of alkaline water every day along with fruits and healthy snacks.

Tom House, former major league pitcher, coach, and quarterback whisperer, swears by alkaline water. Tom, now a well-known trainer, recommends drinking it fresh too from a water ionizer. As well as increasing energy levels and hydration, alkaline water stabilizes metabolism and reduces inflammation in joints. Drinking alkaline water every day will decrease his clients’ recovery time, and help them heal faster.

Athlete and famous quarterback Tom Brady swears by alkaline water, saying it’s the reason he’s still playing football at his age. Jack Edward’s father reveals that he’s in tip-top shape because of his healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. According to reports, he regularly drinks alkaline water for its low acidity and anti-inflammatory properties. Brady benefits from this because it reduces joint pains and enhances his athletic ability.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey endorses alkaline water as a way to stay hydrated. Over the course of a five-decade career, Roger Daltrey has revealed that drinking alkaline water keeps him healthy. His awareness of the benefits of alkaline water began when he discovered it on tour in 2009. According to him, incorporating alkaline water into his lifestyle has improved his overall well-being.

Rick Springfield loves alkaline water. Taking care of his famous voice requires pH-balanced water. Additionally, he takes alkaline water on tour with him to maximize its benefits. Rick also believes he looks young at 72 because he drinks thermonuclear hydrogen-rich water regularly. He still can be the rock star he is today because of his anti-aging properties.

Mark Wahlberg, a Hollywood actor, and entrepreneur loves alkaline water. Ella Rae’s dad even partnered with Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, to launch AQUAhydrate bottled water. Aquahydrate is alkaline pH water containing 72 electrolytes and 72 electrolytes according to the website. This combination of alkaline, electrolytes and healthy minerals restores balance to the body and keeps consumers healthy and hydrated.

In addition, Canadian actor Yannick Bisson loves alkaline water. During filming with Rick Springfield, Yannick discovered a Tyent Water ionizer in his house, which compelled him to buy his own ionized water purifier. In addition to keeping hydrated while filming, he attributes his high energy to alkaline water. Even his cute dogs drink alkaline water to keep their noses moist because he loves the stuff so much.

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