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1000 Lb Sisters: What happened to Amy’s second son? Will he not be on TV? Is she ready to quit

In Season 4, fans might be disappointed by learning new things. has become busier than ever as a mother of two, so she probably doesn’t have much spare time left. In addition, Amy said last season she wanted to spend time with her son, Gage. She felt like a bad mom if she couldn’t spend time with him. The family two will probably not show anymore now that they have two babies to raise. Check back for more info about baby Glen Allen.

Why isn’t Baby on TV

The doctors warned Amy before getting pregnant since she had just had bariatric surgery. Amy has always dreamed of becoming a mother, so she became pregnant without difficulty after much struggle. While fans were scared when Amy got pregnant for the second time, the 1000 celeb’s body could complicate things. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, so now she’s enjoying life. Fans wonder if Halterman’s will be on TV. It was easy at first, but when Gage was born, it became harder. That’s because the reality star mentioned her experience on the show in Season 3.

As time passed, the mother also had to handle several responsibilities, including caring for her son, her sister Tammy, as well as Tammy’s mother. Amy felt guilty because she didn’t spend more time with her son. The 1000 Lb Sisters celeb has a lot on her plate with the second baby. As a result, if TLC does not cut Amy’s hours, she might not be able to do Season 4. This means that fans won’t get to see baby Glenn Allen. The network hasn’t said anything about this. TVSS cannot confirm it, so it is unclear if Amy Halterman will quit the reality show.

Newborn baby’s familiarity

She has been keeping fans posted on 1000 Lb Sisters. Amy Halterman is currently busy taking care of her children. Recently, she has been making headlines because of her second son, Baby Glenn Allen. The little one just turned two months old. He appeared adorable at the time. He was wished a wonderful future by fans in the comment section and commended for the great miracle boys her mother had given him. The viewers hope to see Amy and her entire family again in the new season. However, only the reality star will know if she will survive.